Monday, May 4, 2009

I want to do this no I want to do that

As a college student I am feverously trying to find a career that is right for me, that I can do for 30 years and not regret a minute of it. I started out wanting to be a nurse, but found out that I had too weak of a stomach. Then it is teaching, I would love to be a kindergarten teacher. But what I really want to do is act. Ever since I saw the movie Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen something just clicked with me and that has been all I wanted to do. I want to model. And I want to write, become a famous writer. I never want people to forget my name.
Anyone else feel like this?

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  1. I so understand. I want to be a photographer, but there is no point in schooling for that, I want to be a teacher, but I want to be an author, I love acting and I was doing a double major for photography and theater and then took a year off from yeah I understand completely. I did modeling...its over me no bueno! I actually don't want to use my name for writing...I want a pen name XP lol