Sunday, October 11, 2009

20 more days!

Until Halloween gets here! I can't wait! It should be really fun! Though the dick heads also called my aunts and uncle are going to go. Just to eat all of out food then go back home and complain about the house. I'm sure you all noticed the change of my blog, from pink to orange, I don't know I think it adds to the whole Fall aspect. Aside from that , I still need a subject for my research paper here is some info: it is for my argument based research class, it can be on any subject, and it must be 8 to 10 pages long and by the end of the paper I have to convince the reader to see things my way, so I have to change their view on the subject. So far suggestions have been: abortion (which I wont do because it is too touchy of a subject), global warming (which a don't want to do because it only makes me mad), and ghosts. Any ideas?

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